Talent Acquisition is our area of expertise. We won’t waste your time with wrong candidates. We provide the best talent in the market for your company with our exclusive tools and techniques that guarantees a successful search effort.

We adapt to your needs by consulting with you, listening, observing, and questioning. This is all about your company’s needs. By maximizing all resources, this approach enables us to offer dynamic solutions that meet and exceed your individual needs.

Our team of experienced recruiters is driven by the urge of giving your company a one of a kind recruitment service to help you identify, acquire, nurture, onboard and retain the best talent, while reaching your company’s deadlines.

How do we find the perfect talent for the position you’re looking for? We apply our three-step process that has changed the Recruitment Game:

3 Step Process

1) Competencies & Strengths Maximizer Interview System (SMIS)


2) Hogan Assessments

3) Background Checks

SMIS gives us a clear candidate differentiation of who has the strengths to succeed in the role and who doesn’t, provides more honest candidate responses and greater interviewer consistency, and generates a report with the results.

A selection tool that uses personality assessment to identify candidates’ work style, understand their core drivers, and recognize patterns of behavior that could get in their way. Armed with this powerful insight, you can improve hiring, increase productivity, and impact the bottom line.

This includes Professional References, Certification of Studies, Sex Offender Registry, Criminal and Premium Investigation Reports upon requests.


As part of our Talent Acquisition service, we created Talent Next. The candidate allocated in your company will receive our exclusive personality assessment tool, Hogan Assessments, which will support their growth in the new job opportunity.  

After completing the Hogan Assessments, we receive a report that is analyzed by our certified team, which allows us to provide individual sessions. This service is provided to ensure that the candidate excels in your company and promotes growth in their position. 


With Talent Forward we ensure a smooth and effective transition for employees leaving your company.

Why Is This Important?

1) A poorly handled workforce reduction can have long-lasting effects on employees that inevitably affect productivity and your company’s image.

2) Automation will compromise many jobs in the upcoming years and downsizing will be inevitable.


3) Ensuring employees, a smooth transition from your company will allow you to protect your brand and avoid any negative publicity or perceptions of employees.

4) Strategically, it is the way to prepare the participant in his transition to a new goal.

We will implement the transition process with initiatives that go hand to hand with your values and aimed to protect your brand.

We Offer Support By:

Helping employees develop a Strategic Career Plan

Providing Change Management techniques

Using Career Direction Sessions

Sending to the participants market opportunities

Creating a competitive resume for the participant