FiDelis has technological and innovative tools that support the training processes of our clients. Through these virtual tools, we can incorporate different theories which, paired with technology, allow us to ensure learning and maintain the participant’s engagement.

It is an e-learning platform that trains future professionals in digital transformation topics. With its artificial intelligence algorithm, it creates a personalized formative experience that is updated (current), continuous and fun.

It is a virtual reality tool that analyzes the aspects of your speech (discourse) that influence communication, providing you with personalized training and all the techniques to improve where you need it the most through the virtual coach.


One of their main goals is to make learning fun again. As children, we all learned by playing. As we get older, however, learning becomes more of a chore–something rarely enjoyed.

Gamelearn is the most award-winning game-based learning platform in the world, with over 35 awards.

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